Guests who enjoy fitness and aim to stay healthy during their travels can make use of the vibration machine in the B&B's reception area. This unique machine uses the concept of whole body vibration training (a fitness method that has existed over a hundred years) to create noticeable results quickly. Ten minutes on the machine is equivalent of 60 minutes of normal cardiovascular exercise.
What can you achieve in just 10 minutes?

Improves your FITNESS
Increases muscle strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination
Strengthens and enhances posture
Increases bone strength and density
Increases tendon strength
Improves muscle strength and tone, enhancing athletic performance
Enhances balance, coordination and post ACL repair
Improves your HEALTH
Stimulation of the metabolism and lymph drainage
Gentle training- no physical strain of the joints
Improves circulation and increases blood oxygenation
Strengthening of muscles - particularly the back/spine
Reduces back pain and stiffness
Improves cellulite reduction
Improves collagen production
Decreased diastolic blood pressure
Decreased level of Cortisol (hormone released when under stress)
Highly effective body fat combustion
Strengthening of bone tissues combats osteoporosis
Rehabilitate injuries and ailments
Rapid recovery after exercising
Improves your WELL BEING
Helps to relieve jet lag
Creates a balance of body and mind through gentle detoxification
General improvement of skin quality
Boosts levels of Testosterone and natural HGH
Reduces the stress and treatment of stress incontinence
Positive results on neurological conditions such as Parkinson's
Euro 10 per 10 minutes (Daily booking available)
The Vondelpark (15 minutes walking distance away) as well as nearby gyms can be used for weight training, fitness, jogging etc. We provide information and pricing for various gyms in our area at the B&B.